Monday, May 5, 2008


Have received approximately zero presents.

Facebook wall salutations no substitute for tangible tokens of esteem. (Slim is taking me to "Daughter of the Regiment" on Wed.)

Had good weather on the day. Brunch with the folks, back from the midwest, my mom with a badly sunburned lip. We talked - a LOT - about racial preferences.

Dinner, Slim took me to John's of 12th Street, at my request. I had: spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread.

Had a bad feeling I might get proposed to, based on nothing. (This proved to all be in my mind.)

"You're really the best thing that ever happened to me," said he.

"You're, like, top ten, too," I said nervously. "I mean, below "Butter" but above other stuff."

I was sporting a mighty fine pompadour for the occasion, which occasioned no small admiration in Williamsburg.

We moved on to Veniero's for an espresso, and planned to finish our evening at the Holiday Cocktail Lounge, but were so depressed by the awkward first date convo of the couple at the next table ("I teach high school Phys Ed and Freshman Sex Ed"; "Actually, I'm living with my parents right now...I'm saving up to buy some property.") that we called it a night pretty early.

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