Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cheat Sheet

I always really liked how my copy of A Girl of the Limberlost had this list of the cast of characters at the beginning (I especially remember Polly Ammon, "enjoys paying off old scores.") Stikes me that I reference a lot of folks here without context and perhaps a guide to the dramatis personae would not be out of place. Just a few recurring:

: boyfriend of one year, to which I admit only reluctantly as I was very adamant that the relationship was a 'no-strings affair' for an unconvinving length of time. Went to Wesleyan, from the west coast. Kind of a stoner. Passionate about various instruments, architecture, the gold market. Lives with bunch of other stoners but usually at my place. Extremely cheap and has a tendency to space out.

GK4, former fiance: dated me from ages 18-26. We were enagaged. He went mad. Irascible, pugnacious, hypersensitive, highly eccentric. Interests include cab driving, Medieval history.

Charlie: little brother. Skinny, hipsterish dilettante. Known for sleeping, smoking, "sexy energy" and selective charisma. Lives in Red Hook with Warren and Maeve; rarely leaves the house.

: Charlie's girlfriend, bombshell, co-worker. Interests include: sweetmeats, forensic anthropology. Many in Red Hook are in love with her.

: coworker, yoga enthusiast, vegetarian, reader of horoscopes, band frontwoman. Sounding board, Fritzl enthusiast.

...and a cast of thousands.

*Don't know what this picture is. Came up in a "Girl of the Limberlost" search

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Lindsay said...

oh man, I need to get some cooler interests!