Monday, May 12, 2008

Great-Aunt Peg Digest

I've decided to share with you a sampling of the family emails generated by family geneologist Great-Aunt Peg, of Florida.

The heading reads, "And we think politics are rough these days!"

"Here is yet another bit of family research done by Geoffrey Woollard in Cambridgeshire, England, whose wife, Sue, is our cousin on the Denny/Sargent side. With feelings against Edson Olds for his Southern sympathies, it is no wonder the press in Ohio was so vehement against him. Now we know how Mark Olds received his appointment as land registrar (some records show that the term was spelled as "register"). First, some notes from my records as background:

Notes follow. Then Geoffrey Woollard gives us some choice bits about one "Marquis Lafayette Olds, of Minnesota Territory.

This was immediately followed by a msg headed "Correction!!!!"

"Before I hear a scream from England and elsewhere, correct my notes about "According to the Denny Genealogy, and my parenthesis that her husband was named Daniel Denny - he was Daniel DUSTIN, of course)."


"Margaret has really put me to shame this time: I HAD misread the report in the Cleveland paper and it SHOULD HAVE READ "REGISTER""

Oh, dear, oh dear, oh dear!!!

Geoffrey (in 'the old country').


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