Friday, May 9, 2008

Change of Plans

After a marathon session of watching old cartoons online last night (Slim called Gummi Bears "pussy." Whatever. He was only allowed 30 minutes of TV a week and he chose Strawberry Shorcake. And that was only 20 years ago. Even if he wasn't allowed to watch He-Man) we decided to maybe rethink our plan to dress as Burt and Linda Pugasch for Halloween and instead go as Shortcake and the Peculiar Purple Pie Man of Porcupine Peak.

Pitfalls: the SS costume is complex, esp. the hat. I have some concerns that it might be one of those cases where a ready-made costume would look better, but obviously that would also be crummy and kinda Fredericks of Hollywood. Also, somewhat inauthentic as I was not actually allowed to watch Strawberry Shortcake on grounds of commercialism, and only had brief clandestine encounters with it at friends' houses, esp. "Big Allie" Mitchell (as opposed to second cousin "Little Allie" Stein) and my neighbor Annie.

Slim also mentioned that, when consulted as a three-year-old about names for his youngest sister, he lobbied very hard for "Strawberry Shortcake." "It would have suited her, actually," he observed.

Want to find a way to work the wisdom of the Ancient Gummies in, but can't think of one.

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