Thursday, May 29, 2008

A compatriot just sent me the following link to Jon Dyer's Beard Page.

Slim is wending his way up to Westchester to ask my dad for my hand. I haven't told him, but I anticipate some parental skepticism of the gold-trading/serial-engagement/rushing-into-stuff varietal. Meanwhile, Slim's folks are already planning a trip east to meet me, have invited me on their family bike trip to Ireland next month (can't make it) and are eagerly awaiting the go-ahead to spread the word to the large, I-Cath fam.

I am feeling really cagey about spreading the word. (Besides, you know, here.) Feel I am becoming somewhat Young Hollywood in my tendency to affiance. Besides which, you know, I apparently get engaged to everyone I date. Narrowly missed being engaged to 2 men in a year, at least, as I told my friend Ella in re her mazel tov. I'll be more relaxed after he speaks to the fam. Await reports.

After Matt's mom's initial tearful response to the news, she called back, very seriously, to give Slim talking points for the man-to-man chat. She seems to feel he will fuck it up. After Matt called my dad to arrange the appt, I promptly got a puzzled call from that gentleman.

"Do you know what this is about?" he asked me. "You do! I can tell you do! Come on, tell me. I can't wait that long!"

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