Monday, May 19, 2008


So, I saw Friday the 13: The TV Series and it sucked. As noted, all these antiques get cursed by the devil and episodes center around tracking them down and the evil hijinx that ensue. These two cousins (a lout and a priss complete with requisite douchey fiance)inherit the business and have to make odd-couple best of the situation; one assumes that incest is in their low-budg Canadian futures but my disgust was such that I don't intend to find out.

The pilot, as we discussed, centers around an evil doll, "Vita", who's adopted by Bad Seedy little Sarah Polley; various stepmothers and adults bite the dust. My main issue was the setup: the kid selects this revolting, obviously new doll (it's supposed to be antique) from amongst a wide selection of superior dolls. Even taking the devil's power into account, the choice of a doll who looks rather like Rose McGowan circa '98, dressed in a very crummy outfit, strained credulity. I mean, this veriest rube would not fall for such an obviously spurious "Victorian" on ebay.

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