Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Eloise Report

Writes best friend Eloise:

"Hope your bday was a smashing success. Currently laid up for a while following knee surgery last week to repair a torn ligament (ignominiously torn while skiing in Dec...), so best hold off on visiting until late may/june, when I'll be more mobile...

Right now I am watching soaps, sorting through the dregs of netflix (eg- Tennesse Williams' Babydoll), and getting through odd asst. reading material, namely a bunch of J.F. Powers novels (now-obscure Catholic writer big in the 50s), all about the doings of machiavellian priests . Enjoyable enough, but can't wholeheartedly recommend. Also English Eccentrics, the newish book of Mitford correspondence, and some trash New Yorker-ish New Fiction. I feel I should be taking on an ambitious and time-consuming project with so much time on my hands, (I have done an admirable amount of mending already) but I mostly end up trawling Ebay. (If there's anything particular you're searching for, put me on the case!)

In other glum news, my cousin's house burned down recently (ironically, a casualty of her husband's handiness --oil-soaked rags, you know), killing her beloved golden retriever. I must say she's taken it fairly well, for when I spoke to her, she was positively gloating about the fact that they would temporarily get to hole up in some luxury condo, where, as she told me about 3 times, Tom Brady used to live. I think she just found out that she's effectively barren too, so perhaps I'm not being very charitable.

I've a hankering for hermits--an underrated American cookie if ever there was one. I think I'll go see how we're set for molasses...



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