Monday, January 28, 2008

Modern Love, Cont'd

Talked with former fiance GK4 last night about his parents' visit, an upcoming date of his, our friends' love lives, his law school application essay, which I've agreed to read over.

During the conversation, Slim was engaged in an impassioned discussion of his own, about the gold market and the upcoming recession.

GK4 and I got to talking about a trip we'd made to Vienna.

"We had some fun times, didn't we?" I said.

"Well, of course," he said. "We're in love with each other!"

("Look," I could hear Slim saying from the kitchen. "All I'm really focused on right now is making sure I've laid in enough provisions to get me and my girl through this,")

"Um, no, we're not," I said patiently.

"Well," said he, "the more I think about it, I don't think I can find anyone who understands me or shares my interests-"

"GK," I said, "we grew up together, and obviously we informed each other's tastes, and in a sense probably no one will share that level of commonality or shared references for a long time."

Then he started talking about how, when the Bad Times do come, he, Slim and I should all live together and I should have both their children. So, in other words, everything was back to normal.

Later that night, in the midst of some Cute Time, I said to Slim,

"I'm sorry I don't have any money for you to invest in gold futures. But you can have my heart."

There was a silence.

"Maybe you'd better hold onto that," he said.

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