Monday, January 14, 2008

I's a Pig

A round little, pink little pig. Piggish lunching behavior which I shall not detail but which I am heartily regretting right now. But I mean it more in the way Wolf Larsen is always using it in The Sea Wolf to indicate man's general gross selfishness and beastliness. More on this later.

Deleted text about GK4's date

Last night had a drink with a friend, who smuggled in an outstanding new puppy.

Also in animal life: there was a bite-sized mouse on the glue trap when I got home. I freaked out and hurled the trap, mouse and all, onto my little deck, knowing full well that the wee, timrous, cowering beastie would die of exposure and exhaustion (even though it didn't snow as promised.) There is no excuse for this kind of reckless cruelty. I gave a quarter to a really mediocre busker on the subway, but don't feel that this has begun to redress the balance.

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