Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Best Medicine

Did a search of those foods best for alleviating depression. (Not sure Lexapro counts as a "food" but privately think it might be most effective.)

The top five foods for beating depression

1.Fish oils
2.Brown Rice
3.Brewer's Yeast (Ed: No.-SS)
4.Whole-grain oats

Also recommended: raw cacao,dark molasses and brazil nuts.

(Cannot imagine that the depression induced by eating molasses and brewer's yeast wouldn't far outweigh hereditary mental imbalance.)

Other non-food things to do

* Get plenty of sunshine. Natural sunlight is a proven cure for depression.
(Note: walked to Cafe Grumpy. Is reasonably sunny.)
* Engage in regular exercise at least three times per week. Exercise lifts and mood and alters brain chemistry in a positive way.
(Note: walking IN SUNNY WEATHER to Greenpoint YMCA to sign up for Step Aroebics.)
* Experience laughter. It's good medicine.
(Note: not receiving good medicine. But then, no one in Cafe Grumpy is terribly amusing. And I'm not quite reduced to guffawing at my own wit.)

Ate instead:

Macaroni and cheese with cubed ham and peas; stewed tomatoes; homemade chocolate pudding (which contains 'cocao.')

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