Friday, January 25, 2008


Two things in today's Post:

ANOTHER letter from Kenneth Zimmerman of Huntington Beach, CA. Must remember to monitor his activities closely. Maybe they just don't get that many letters.

More importantly, that 101-year-old lady who was mugged last March testified early, as prosecutors fear she won't make it to the trial. Writes Peyser in today's "She's Old Glory":

But when prosecutors asked her to identify Rhodes, whom she called "colored," she was startled.

"You mean he's actually here?" Rose stood to her height of 5-foot-71/2 - and looked around.

"There are two people in this room I'm looking at," she said, before settling her gaze on the defendant. She asked the judge to compel Rhodes to smile and show his "large, white teeth."

He did.

"I would say it's definitely him," she said.

Defense lawyer Paul Montgomery wanted to know who else Rose believed might be the mugger. She pointed to a Post reporter, Ikimulisa Livingston, not a guy.

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