Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tears For Fears

I'm in a bad way! I guess the emotions of the day are still running strong, because I started to cry while reading about one of Robert Lowell's (many) hospitalizations for manic-depression. Then I started to cry again while watching Privileged. That's right, Privileged.

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Wo said...

Sadie, honey, it's no wonder you're upset - you are a sensitive young woman, and that email from your father should never have been sent to you - your only obligation is to yourself, not to whatever expectations your parents may have of you - I felt very sad when I read that post of yours - you deserve better - try to keep in mind that it is your life to live as you please, and, from this distance, it seems to me that you're doing a sweet job of it - just what I expected of that tiny blond with all those curls all those years ago.

Hang in there, honey. You've got fans you don't even know about.