Thursday, January 22, 2009

On moving etc.

As you know, we have a very lovely new apartment. We're heading over there this weekend to sign the lease and dine with our new landlords, whom I think I'll call John and Ludivine. (That's subject to change, by the by!) I'm very eager to get at the place with a camera and run some wallpaper samples by them!

Anyway, the landlord is using the same bonehead realtors from whom I was tomfool enough to take the place originally. Yesterday, as we were both working, some dude showed up outside the door and said he was there to take pictures for Craig's List. I allowed as how, had he given me any notice, I would have had the place tidier. "I would at least have taken the recycling out and made the bed," I said.

"That's okay," said he, "one apartment, I had to go through stacks of garbage."

I didn't really think it was an equivalent situation, but if he wanted to do shoddy work, it was hardly my business - except to the extent that I think the landlord will be nicer about everything if it's let.

"Please just give me a few hours notice when you want to show it," I said, and he agreed.

Not an hour later, I got a call."We're outside," he said. I barely had time to put on a Karen Dalton CD, turn off the overhead and light my pine candle (even though I know it should be cinnamon.)

The couple who came in seemed like nice enough kids. I know I made the realtor nervous when I described the building's policy as "don't ask, don't tell." Also when I took them aside and slipped them my number and said urgently that they should call me if they want to know anything about the building. Although if they're not interested in hearing about bed bugs, mice and sinisterness, it's hardly my fault.

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Lindsay said...

Your love of Karen Dalton really warms my heart. Next up Judee Sill? I'd give it a shot!