Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Note On Technology

I don't often get all Gizmodo, but I'm fascinated by the idea of willful anachronism in all its forms, and this guy surely qualifies:

I’m creating a new kind of camera, designed to maximize the
emotional side of the photographic experience and minimize
productivity, to ultimately let the audience focus on their feelings
rather than on their performance.

This camera seeks to undo all the convenient advances of digital photography which have distanced us from the humanity of photography.
The camera will be split into two halves, each one intimately linked with
the other, to be held by two emotionally linked persons, in this case
Claudio and Clio, husband and wife. The Capturer half will be able to
capture a visual memory which will be immediately sent to the Memory
Plane, a median dimension where memories fluctuate until attracted by
the other half, the Attractor.

In addition, if you send an image to someone in the same vicinty, it takes several days. Someone on the other side of the world, however, will receive his immediately, as this would, presumably, facilitate human interaction. Of course, it's rigid: but I suppose no more than human relationships themselves? The point is whether something so artificial can really do much good. Philosophically speaking, it's problematic, but I do like the idea of using modern technology to make life harder! It gives me the same sense of contentment I got when they ended the Concorde (not that I wanted that, mind you.) It's rare we move backwards. Also, I like crackpots. And what great names for a married couple!

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