Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Feelng terribly, terribly overwhelmed right about now...we have taken an apartment in Bed-Stuy and the moving I need to tell my landlord and wrangle over the security deposit, which I loathe and which in any case he's entitled to as I overflowed the bathtub...and I need to refill a prescription...and are having far too many people over for dinner in a few days...and, and, and other petty things.

Here is what I must needs do:
1. Call the pharmacy and see if they've got my prescription; if so, fill it; if not, call the dr.

2. Go downstairs and talk to the landlord; if not there, leave note I wrote.

3. Cash some checks.

4. Do a shopping for Fri dinner; also, make schedule.

5. Put on pants.

I have been wonderfully sociable lately and it's getting in the way of living a little bit, also very stressful. At any rate: last week, Slim wanted me to meet him at this party thrown by the friend of a guy who runs this boutique with whom S has become friendly. Fair enough, but then I learn said party is at some private underground club and chock full of models and the "host" was about 7 feet tall and wearing a corduroy jacket and I was in jeans and a parka and in short it was awful and I sort of teared up and ran out. Otherwise, things are well.

The apartment is beautiful in all the ways one hopes for when the neighborhood itself is, if not liminal, at least lacking in the standard gentrified amenities. But if our dashing and beautiful new married-couple architect landlords (she's French!) don't mind, we should be able to take it. I will post some pics of things like stained-glass skylights and original tilework when we go back to do some planning. The decor will be a little Charleston, a little James Iha.

I got a good 30's bias-cut lace dress the other day. I thought it was a little big, but when I pulled it tight against my frame (which is really the point of these dresses), the Russian saleslady said I looked "too small, like baby," and that I should keep the excess in, so as, I guess, to look less babyish. In any case it will be just the thing for a wedding this spring.

Got another ill-judged haircut. Wanted to look like Isabelle Adjani and don't, in the least.

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