Thursday, January 22, 2009

Entertaining Is Fun!

Two things: the way is now clear for a Los Angeles engagement party, taking place the same weekend as Slim's dearest friend's wedding. (It's this wedding to which I plan to wear the bias-cut green lace!) We're piggybacking, of course, and taking advantage of the fact that lots of friends will be out there already, but Gabriela's being lovely about it and it will give the In-Laws mucho pleasure. What's more, the spot where Slim wants to have it is, apparently, right up my street (which I interpret as somewhat ancient and crummy), described as "like the Sistine Chapel, if that was covered with pictures of Aztecs." Carrumba!

More immediately, there's a dance party tonight at Marie's, since they don't have downstairs neighbors for the nonce. Charlie is for some reason the DJ. I will for obvious reasons be wearing my new tiny party hat. (Not a paper one, just a hat I wear to parties, you understand. Although a mini party hat has distinct possibilities...) I am also bringing my own computer. Methinks I'll prepare "a set." It will contain, but not be limited to, Boney M's "Rasputin" and Alizee's "Moi...Lolita." Because that's just how Deej S.O.S. rolls. Or should that be DJ Mod Hatter? Whatever.

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