Monday, January 26, 2009

Talking of ghosts, a friend of Slim's is experiencing a really bad haunting down in Georgia. Since he moved into his house, he's been awoken repeatedly by the feeling of someone shaking him and the sound of voices, and his dog has been positively freaking out in all the approved ways. It got to the point where he had to crash on friends' couches to get any rest. So he looked into the property and found out that the site had been a major lynching spot - and the lynching tree is still in the yard! Nearly mindless from lack of sleep, he went into the yard and yelled, "I'm not here to harm you; please let me get one night's rest!" He was left in peace that night...and then they came back. Now, he's moving.

I am getting frightened about our spector. I woke up last night very worried about being alone in the new house - when we move, that is. Slim was out and I curled up under the blankets and thought very hard about old musicals until the fear passed. Maybe we should get a dog. Although if his fur was always sticking straight up in panic, I guess that wouldn't be very reassuring.

On an unrelated note, Slim wants us to go to a THREE DAY Charles Ives performance at Wesleyan. Negotiating as fast as I can.


Dale Slamma said...

It could be a friendly ghost.

Sadie said...

Allegedly, he's benign...but I'm kind of freaked out by how well she was able to describe him! How...evident is this ghost?

Bonnie said...

I'm afraid of ghosts whenever I'm alone at night. In a minor, background way. I absolutely believe that a dog will protect you, even a small one.