Wednesday, August 6, 2008

more strangeness

The other night we found ourselves at the odious Daddy's Bar in Williamsburg. Well, I "found myself" there because the awesome, heavyset guy from the video store was DJing and I wanted to stare at him from across the room.

Slim's friend Greg - the one who's almost certainly seen a picture of me naked, as stated previously - was in a sentimental mood.

"You two are going to be so cute when you're married!" he shouted, throwing his arms around our shoulders. "And then some day I'll have to knock you both out with one blow!"

We couldn't deny the justice of this.

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thetiniestspark said...

oh, bless jezebel's linking function for bringing me to your blog. not to get all AG on you, but i've been adoring your jez posts for awhile now and am unduly euphoric with the knowledge of another site to get my sadiestein fix.

"exhume your pinecone, sadiie!" as the pseudo-AG JN says, although she's far more wonderful and non-transparent than any ol' regular AG. although she probably did boast loads of scarves and layers back in the day.