Wednesday, August 6, 2008

AM Report

I just gave Slim (sleeping) a kiss on the cheek. He sat bolt upright and exclaimed in disgust, "They're all the same!"

"What?" I said blankly.

"Silicon Valley and the Bear Market!" he shouted, and fell back asleep.

(BTW I should be proofing 'The Good The Bad And The Ugly' right now.)

I just did something rash. First of all, I went to the Polish deli, when it's sort of tacitly understood that as a non-Pole my loyalty belongs to the Italian Deli, even though it's super-depressing. I went to the Polish deli and got coffee, organic milk and a hunk of a strange berry cake. And now I am Afraid. Also passed my landlord, in an apron. I think he's having an affair with the upstairs neighbor; I saw him pinch her rear in the kitchen of the restaurant they just opened together when I wandered in before opening hours to tell him about a broken freezer.

Last night, Slim said, "Curt was really touched that you said he was your favorite of all my friends,"

"I never said that," I said blankly.

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Rica said...

Hey Sadie -- your url somehow came up on my facebook feed, so I figured I'd come visit. Fun blog! Did you know The Petite Sophisticate was the name of a mall store awhile back? It had all sorts of horrid things in pastels and flowery patterns. Your blog is way more stylish. Congrats on the engagement, btw!

-Erica (the one from Fieldston)