Monday, August 4, 2008

Long Time, No See

So, since I went temporarily semi-pro as a blogger I've sorely neglected TPS. And now I actually know how to do hotoshop and stuff so it's kind of a waste.

In news: Slim has sorta slid into living with me; a new crop of stoners have taken up residence in his old room, referred to as "the lowland hicks." Effectively, this only means a couple more suits in the closet. Theoretically we want to find a new spot in a month or two but it needs to be cheap enough to suit him and squalid enough to please me - strangely enough more mutually exclusive than one might think. Of paramount importance is, of course, an old-fashioned bathroom with no modern improvements. We're looking all kinds of outlandish places in Staten Island and Sheepshead Bay etc. but I still secretly believe an old eccentric will bequeath us something amazing and dirt-cheap on grounds of general awesomeness.

In clothes news, I am attending Fashion Week in a month's time, which, while ridiculous, is something that Must Be Addressed. I was thinking of hitting up that chick Slim was sleeping with last summer when I thought we were exclusive and he didn't, as she's the only designer I know and apparently won all sorts of prizes at her design school in London, but even I knew this was a Bridge Too Far and ultimately we arrived at the agreeable solution of my wearing the store's new line, which premieres this fall and shows all signs of being vintage-inspired. Am also going to sport a glasses chain.
As re: the wedding, nada. We have various vague plans for engagement parties involving the Nam Wah Tea Room (this incredibly depressing 1920s dim sum parlor on Doyers Street) and this ragtime piano player named Terry Waldo who sometimes plays in Bryant Park while crazy folks leap around wildly. Slim also saw some jazz combo of all kids somewhere in the subway who, if we can ever track them down, we want to have play during cocktail hour. Cocktail hour will involve Miller Hi-Life, the Champagne of Beers.

I have purchased the following:
-High-waisted navy wool skirt, verging on the schoolgirlish but maintaining dignity. This I shall wear with cream turtleneck.
-Cream lambswool cardi with leg o' mutton sleeves.

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