Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just went to the bookstore, could not wait. I tried to find the recc'd The Likeness but need the price and portability of a paperback - I don't have much confidence in my libris branch - so it may be a while. I ended up cracking and buying Never Let Me Go which is probably just as well as I have a bad tendency to destroy books I borrow - bbq sauce, etc., she said vaguely - and then feel compelled to buy replacements anyway. I also succombed to a new edition of Moominsummer Madness
, the very best Moomin book, plus Patrick Leigh Fermor's Time of Gifts, in which he finds the value of silence in monasteries all over Europe, in, presumably, characteristically lovely prose. Methinks I'll need to rec this to GK4, former fiance, given his many years studying monasticism and his occasional flirtations with vacations at La Grande Chartreuse. I also want to suggest he download this new Grizzly Bear song from myspace - "While You Wait For the Others" (and which by happy chance is also on the playlist at work.) We're supposed to have cut off contact, but given that he sent me a very plaintive plea for recipes he can make in advance (he invoked straitened financial circumstances) the other day, I think this will be okay. I gave him recipes for chili, a couscous dish, and the enchiladas (of which Slim, the pig, apparently ate five.)

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