Thursday, March 26, 2009

On Trench Coats

Someone asked me recently about trenches, and quite honestly I wish I had better answers, since I found my best one at a thrift store! But Eloise, who has the best trench collection of anyone, has found some real lookers at H&M. And if you can splurge, I saw a really lovely, minimalist, Parisian one at APC (of course.)

Sometimes when I am down I watch old episodes of Made on At first I liked the ones where nerds get made over into homecoming queens and such because I identified more with them (and "John is Made Into Prom King" is still my all time favorite)but lately I have branched out into "popular kid becomes brain" and I almost admire them more, because the challenges are arguably greater and because the motivation is very pure...although, because their challenges are very big things like learning robot science (shows what I know!) or debate, they don't tend to do quite as well. Whereas someone might just become prom queen, the "academic" challenges rarely rate more than a third or fourth place finish.

Deep thoughts, you see.


Bonnie said...

Adore trenches and am in the market (always) for The One. Charming photo on Gaunt Setter.

Lindsay said...

Must should have!,19.html?type=0&look=11&piece=1&prevpiece=4%2C74&nextpiece=4%2C22

Anonymous said...

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