Thursday, March 19, 2009

Have expressed before my dissatisfaction with other patients in the psychiatrist's waiting room who are unwilling to return my knowing twinkles, winks, and roguish smiles.

Sometimes I think I make Dr. A --- uncomfy. Granted, today I did go on a bit of a rant about Walker Percy, existentialism, the Holy Ghost, generational conflict, Pascal, and Arthur Rubinstein - none of which I know the foggiest about. But surely he's seen worse, right? The guy works days in the ward of an uptown mental hospital, after all.

I finally managed to complete my interview for the travel website - quite a feat when one never goes anywhere! (I know I haven't mentioned this before.) I felt very inadequate when I came across all the questions concerning travel tips and internet strategies and the sort of general modern, frugal wiliness that intimidates me. But I did recommend steak sandwiches for a cross-country flight.


Bonnie said...

Are you going to be jauntsetter of the week? Love that site.

B. said...

Don't make eye contact with people at the shrink's office. Ever.