Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First of all...Barbara Pym was a snappy dresser. A very snappy dresser.


I saw two movies this weekend: Two Lovers, and Valentino: The Last Emperor. Both good, which is rare. Especially the latter, not that I'd recommend it to most straight men on the street, of whom there are exactly 0% in this film. Slim, obviously, loved it. And it's very romantic! I couldn't believe how crowded it was: one of our party didn't show and we had people clamoring to buy the spare ticket! I told my dad I didn't think he'd much care for it and he replied, "but why? I'm very interested in silent film!"

As to Two Lovers, well I don't want to overhype as I think part of my pleased surprise came from not very high expectations, especially of the cast...but it was genuinely touching,not least because it was distressing to think of such a good actor as Joaquin Phoenix giving it up.


Bonnie said...

I really liked Two Lovers. I went to see Gwyneth, for whom I have a secret love. I would watch her watch paint dry (but can't read her write paint dry in GOOP). The gray Brooklynness of the film matched my mood and I thought everyone in it was wonderful. It snuck up.

ghk said...