Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Have discovered that I hate Walter Meego.

Working with Maeve. She feels she did damage to her figure last Labor day by drinking 100 beers in one (long) weekend, and we feel some detoxifying seaweed wrap might be in the cards.

We are also brainstorming ideas for her new web site, from which she will vend her millinery. I suggested she make a list of her inspirations.

"I made the list," she said a bit later. "Centaurs and egg yolks feature prominently." So do Olmec heads.

For my part, have been flirting with making my hair look like a danedelion gone to seed. Or, alternatively, a puff of smoke.

My boss, Sascha, suggested I wait until I'm old to pursue this. "Maybe you shouldn't do that while there's any need at all to look...good." she said, and added that white hair would work better anyway.

I DID see a middle-aged lady this am with hair that looked exactly like a dandelion, so I winked at her. I was at the dermatologist's, like a hypochondriac, having two moles looked at because Slim said they looked "very bad", that one was several colors and that another was bleeding. Obviously there was absolutely nothing wrong with either of them. Did like the derm's office, though, which featured Golf Digest and Conde Nast Portfolio, and had a large bowl of free lotions and sunscreen samples. I took about 12. Then went by the farmer's market and bought one of those Swiss potato peelers that Cockney hawks. Also a cinnamon roll as Maeve and I are perfecting a reecipe, Cook's Illustrated style. (She's brought in two experiments today, both based on Bisquik dough - she's in charge of getting the filling to exactly the right level of sugary graininess, and had experimented with different methods and sugar ratios to good effect.)

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