Tuesday, April 29, 2008

experiment B - specimens 3 & 4

From Maeve:

Second batch of cinnamon rolls excellent!

Bisquick again, sparse icing of confectioner sugar, milk, vanilla.

Used room temperature butter (instead of melted). Mixed refrigerated syrup (white sugar/cinnamon/evaporated milk) into soft butter and spread over dough, then sprinkled layer of brown sugar/cinnamon/salt.

Variation with and without raisins - no real difference beyond obvious presence/lack of raisin.

The thick layer of butter seems to have fully absorbed into the dough, making it feel like a gooey vein; visual inspection of cross-section yields only a disappointing cinnamony swirl.

Next: I'll try sprinkling dry, applying butter, then sprinkling more dry.

How's your 12-hour dough?


P. S. They were filming a Captain Morgan commercial at the end of the block today. I walked by on my way to Fairway and there was a man in wraparound sunglasses sitting in a high-backed antique chair in the back of a moving van. The director?"

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