Tuesday, February 19, 2008

One More Thing

I think I may have scored a point with the furious woman at the laundry - the one who wears the Hello Kitty purse.

If you're wondering how I did it: I baked her a batch of cookies. May have temporarily disarmed her, even though they were kind of vile and from this suspect recipe from The New York Cookbook - which is to say, was just the recipe of some woman from Queens, which doesn't mean it's good or anything. Kind of the problem with The New York Cookbook. Have always resented how the bio note calls Molly O'Neill the "Damon Runyon of the New York food world" when obviously that's Ed Levine or someone.

My mom used to say that Charlie and I would be just like the O'Neill siblings: a successful food writer and an all-star baseball player! Didn't really pan out. But at least Charlie smokes a lot of cigarettes. And the woman at the laundromat may not despise me as much as she did three days ago. Which, after all, is really the same thing when all is said and done.

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