Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Belated Valentines etc.

If you read the New York Post's 'Book of Love,' you might have noticed (just above the personal signed 'your Super Sleepy Scrumples') the following:

'Slim: you are my golden boy. I gild you with love. PS. All that glitters is not gold.'

Nice ranunculas from Slim even though he got into a fight with our waitress over romantic dinner in Billyburg ('And don't think we didn't notice that we were the only table who didn't get any heart candy!')

GK4 called to say that his piece of erotica won first prize at the party, but that this did not result in luck with the ladies.

In other romantic news, had lunch with Roger, who just gotback from Rio and various Carnival romps with underage whores.

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