Monday, February 11, 2008

Have Gone Mad

Am doing a major purge of closet, fridge etc. Was forced to part with numerous sets of past-their-prime underthings and, in turn, pay a visit to my lingerie purveyor - a trek, but the only place in New York that stocks a comprehensive selection of Princesse Tam-Tam intimates, the brand I officially endorse.

Mary, the owner, refers to all bras exclusively as "brassieres." As in, "can I lift up your shirt and see what brassiere you're wearing?" and "This brassiere is exquisite."

Later that day I decided to compose an email to my nemesis.

"Dear Claire," I wrote,

"I love you.


ps guess who got three brassieres hint it wasnt you."


lindsay said...

Which lingerie store? I can't find one where I'm not afraid of the sales people.

Sadie said...

Winkworth, Columbia Street