Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Precious Moments

I made notes of some of my goings-on today.

10:02 am. Mom calls to ask where she should buy chocolates.

10:35 BD sends amusing flow chart; fwd to a few people and make Gchat status.

11:13 Rachel writes that she has found someone to match up with Wynn.

11:15 Write Wynn, tell him we have found him someone.

1:07 Make plans to see Fritz Lang film with Ramona.

2:30 Email discussion of future excursion to Brighton Beach nightclub.

3:03 Facebook with Jaime about Faithfull.

4:30 Email discussion of whether we should go to Russian baths while in Brighton Beach, decide we should.

5:02 Send image of dress I think she'd like to LD.


Ariela said...

Sadie, I miss your posts! How else will we ever learn about your other favorite things?

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