Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day etc.

I once read somewhere (I say as if I don't know full well it was the American Spiritualism Society's web site) that a penchant for seasonal allergies can be an indication of psychic ability. If this is true, all I can say is half of New York City must be clairvoyant this week. "They" say it's a bad year for allergies (isn't it always?) and certainly an al fresco dinner the other night left my eyes streaming and my nose twitching. No hint of a sign from the other side, alas.

While I may not have communicated with the Beyond, I did see the Costume Institute at the Met, which is terrific, and marred only by the constant repetition of Lenny Kravitz's "American Woman" in the final room, which is wholly audible in the gift shop. Entertained brief fantasies of dressing like a Gibson Girl for 2010-11; decided I'm too old. Even more fascinating than the Costume Institute, I thought, was the show "Playing with Pictures: the Art of Victorian Photocollage." (Yes, these are images from the show.) It was apparently fairly commonplace to make collages of original drawing and watercolor with photographs - early scrap-booking, but far more whimsical and ornate and impressive than this implies. An outlet, one supposes, for all sorts of artistic talent - after all, every lady of the era could paint and draw, or at least was schooled in it.

In case you're wondering, yes, I did see these shows with my mother, following a lovely early brunch at Cafe Sabarsky and the receipt of a (very modest) tin of (American) caviar.

Things to think about: how do I shell the black walnuts I bought yesterday? And, what's the deal with Harmony Korinne's new film?


Anonymous said...

YES!! What is the deal w. HK's new film. I've been thinking about it. The stills published somewhere or another disturb me. My boo's favorite movie is Gummo and I refuse to watch it. Apparently, there are scenes of cat abuse. That is way too much for this Crazy Cat Lady to handle. When I comment on your blog, I find my tone and syntax changes. It's like when you meet somebody w. a foreign accent and start to have one of your own.

bess said...

The photo collages remind me of Maggie Taylor's work, which I love.

Doctor Plog said...

There are two exhibitions currently on here that you would love - Both at the V & A - Grace Kelly's dresses and a history of quilts.

Allison said...

Oddly, Lauren and I were both at the Met on Mother's Day at the same exhibit...and yes, I read your blog.

Sadie Stein Blog said...

@Anon I kind of hate his films. But I feel like I should see it, although why I don't know. Will, natch, report back!

@Bess - yes! You inspired me to get educated and it's amazing!

@Dr.P Oh golly, if only. I will be looking you up when I do, though!

@Allison I wish we'd seen you!!! We weren't very thorough - just those shows, plus a little obligatory getting lost in Decorative Arts. But that would have made my day! Were you with your mom? Wait - I'll email ;)

Sylvie said...

Early brunch with caviar! I think Netflix is right. You are a rarified creature. Enjoying your blog :)