Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ladies Who Brunch

Hosted a brunch today for my colleagues.

I wanted a daytime event so's no one would have to make the schlep after dark, despite the shabbiness of stealing a Saturday.

I served:

-A new fritatta of my own invention containing smoked salmon, cream cheese and caramelized onions

-Roasted asparagus

-Croissants and Pains au chocolat from Ceci-Cela, which one can buy, frozen, then proof and bake at home for maximum good smell (Butter, jams)

-A fruit salad of pineapple, mango, strawberries, blackberries and a little papaya and kiwi for color

-Yogurt and granola for an egg-frowner, although no one ate them

-Cofee and tea (the guests brought the fixings for bellinis and mimosas)

Someone joked that our get-togethers are exactly what someone might imagine: in the course of four hours, periods, lingerie, purses, politics and dolls were all discussed, and I produced for inspection a doll (it has real hair and we needed to demonstrate something), a pair of sandals (they'd just arrived in the post), and a polka-dot brassiere (the latter to show that TopShop underthings are perfectly okay.) I really do have the best coworkers - and job! - imaginable. (Jenna wore the most spiffing jumpsuit you can imagine, too.) Then I kicked everyone out so I could go somewhere.

A special thanks to Slim for doing a ton of cleaning last night in prep. And this after I was especially babyish yesterday while running tax-related errands at the bank, fidgeting and sulking and only snapping out of it when, by the hand of divine providence, the Treats Truck appeared and I was able to buy a brown-butter sandwich cookie. The house looks beautiful (or at least does until I start looking at pictures of apartments like this!) and, with the exception of some curious yowling of indeterminate human-or-animal origin, the neighborhood was on its best behavior too.


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