Thursday, April 8, 2010

If I have been a bit quiet lately, it's because it's been unseasonably hot, and in hot weather, I Go Strange. Going Strange (a phrase from the Arkansas branch, all of whom went strange with some regularity) for me involves not eating, not sleeping, getting furtive and peculiar and chuckling to myself, and odd notions. You can see, I think, why it's wiser to abstain from the written word during these periods.

But! A few good things have happened!

- The Girl Scout cookies arrived. (Largely thanks to the efforts of Willa, who was relentless in her pursuit of Thin Mints.) We are hoarding them, due to the shortage of 2010.

- Because they knew I was feeling low, my dear friends G and C surprised me with the most gorgeous bouquet of orchids, which is making me very happy (when not Being Strange.)

- Last night, the ghost abruptly started the antique alarm clock going - which, given that we haven't used it in months, means he had to wind it! And it's still going strong, 18 hours later...

-Had a lovely exchange with a reader in London named Becky whom I very much hope to meet when I next make it over there.

- On Easter Sunday, dragged myself from bed to attend the Easter Parade briefly in navy suit and bonnet. Bill Cunningham snapped me! (Although I don't guess I'll make it in with all the superior flamboyance on display!) I pretended to be oblivious, which is, I think, the done thing.

- Some guy was kind of stalking me on FB, being very peculiar and crude in very poor English. So I blocked him. (Oh, that wasn't actually one of the good things.)

-Just got the best card in the mail from the dear Lindsay D of Asheville, who always has the best cards, generally. They come from a terrific local letterpress.

-The other day, I took a long bike ride and ended up in Carroll Gardens, where I happened to meet the most charming person, Lauren, with terrific style and lots of Personality. Anyway, we got to talking and it turned out she was a fan of the website, always lovely to hear. Indeed, it was so lovely to hear that I was emboldened to write a mash note to a fashion blogger whom I've long admired. She was kind enough to write me back, and it made me think that I ought to reach out that way more often! If someone's work brightens your life, why not tell them. New resolution.

-Karaoke tomorrow - am thinking of breaking out "Wuthering Heights." Would go with my semi-Strange mood.


Shelly said...

On that note, I do want to say that I love your blog and your work on Jezebel. I really like the way you see things as well as the way you express yourself.

Kim: said...

I appreciate that this isn't what you were necessarily intending, but your work brightens my life, especially here. I always get so excited when I see you've posted something new.