Monday, March 8, 2010

On A Happier Note

I am glad every day to "know" those of you kind enough to read this. I feel a real kinship with you, and I talk to you in my head sometimes. Creepy? Oh, yes.

I think at least half of my low mood comes from being between reads. Yes, I have read We Have Always Lived in the Castle and I absolutely love it, so if anyone can think of anything suitably Gothic and involving, do let me know. (I just read The 13th Tale too which, while lurid as all git-out, certainly provided a diversion a la Shadow of the Wind!)On second thought, maybe all this Gothic fiction is part of the problem...

And in AV: El. has strongly recommended The More the Merrier, so that's been added to the queue. I'd love a series, but sometimes I think there are no series in the world that will capture my imagination like the first viewings of The House of Eliott and Berkeley Square, respectively. How I envy people who have that treat in store! It must be like tasting sticky-toffee pudding for the first time.

Mood permitting, tomorrow M and I are going to see The Art of the Steal. Anyone seen it? I'm also interested in Lourdes and The Girl on the Train, but have a sneaking suspicion that I should wait until I'm in the clear, black dog-wise.


Bonnie said...

I think I may have just heard you when you talked to me in your head. Right before I clicked over to see if you'd written here lately I was thinking about my rotten mood and reminded myself that an essential rule of living well and tolerating and/or enjoying life is never to be without a good novel. And I'm at loose ends. Ok: We Have Always LIved In the Castle!

I'm off to find a copy first thing tomorrow.

Jaime said...

A good, "gothic" yet uplifting read is (though a children's book) The House with the Clock in Its Walls by John Bellairs. Lewis Barnavelt's poor and good fortunes are soothing, I find.

As for the Art of the Steal, I have not seen, but heard is depressing. Years ago, I saw a play, thinly veiled, on the subject, and have been, since then, fairly against the moving of the Barnes.

signed, that bothersome Philadelphian who continues to comment on your blog

Shelly said...

Speaking of castles- have you read I Capture the Castle? It's one of my long time favorites.
And of course, if you've read We Have Always Lived in the Castle- you've already read The Haunting of Hill House...right?

Sadie Stein Blog said...

I have read the Bellairs, and I Capture, and Hill House, and love 'em! Am ordering Barnavelt, stat. I will report on Art of the Steal; I believe Philly IS sort of the villain of the piece, yes?!

bess said...

The More the Merrier is terrific, I re-watched it on Valentines Day. I also recommend the kid of cheesy 60s remake Walk, Don't Run because Cary Grant is very charming in it.