Sunday, April 12, 2009

La Canadienne

At Montreal's main market, there were several guys making "taffy" by pouring hot sirop d'erable on snow, straight up Little House in the Big Woods style! We were, not shockingly, ravis.

Close-up of the action!

"Man Suit" at Museum of Montreal History.

Boat lights at Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours, the "Sailors' Church"

"Our Lady of the Harbour," described aptly by E. as "of L. Cohen mention."

Ok, here was the best thing of all: the Musee Marguerite-Bourgeoys was dedicated to the first order of nuns to come to Montreal and establish schools, hospitals etc. In the 50s, the nuns of the order illustrated the prioress's life via a series of doll dioramas!
"Marguerite's mother dies when she is just 16."
"In 1637, the plague, a terrible sickness, kills thousands of people in the city of Troyes."

"Jeanne LeBer, a rich heiress and a friend of Marguerite, decides to come to the convent where Marguerite lives, to pass her days in constant prayer."

Here she is, teaching Indian children in her old age.

Poutine, the notorious late-night nosh of French Canada. That's frites, gravy and cheese curds to the uninitiated. And yes, it's vile.

The famed "smoked meat" of Montreal, basically brisket. More appetizing than it looks!

(Images courtesy of Eloise)


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