Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy easter etc.

This week:

Highly secular Seders attended: 1

Easter baskets given: 1

Small hats embellished for occasion with vintage velvet pansies: 1

Nanette Lepore suits originally purchased for wedding getaway at first, non-wedding: 1

Church services attended: 0, although we waited for about 20 minutes for space to open up at Saint Tom's...Presbyterian Church, as usual, had to take spillover.

Museum exhibits attended: 2. Die Brucke (movement of early German expressionists from Dresden) at Neue Gallery, excellent. Today, "Into the Sunset: Photography's View of the American West" at MoMA. Fascinating images, some beautiful, but mind-numbingly heavy-handed notes, seemingly written by 19-year-old who needed to drive home banality of suburbia, hollowness of the American dream, regardless of whether the photographer's intentions were more nuanced or ambiguous.

Movies seen: 2. Adventureland (has its moments) and Sin Nombre (predictable but engaging.)

Boldfaces seen: 2. Rich young person, heir to a manufacturing fortune, known for making film about rich young people, spotted at Neue with beautifully-dressed moddle type. Then, at bakery in midtown known for good hot cross buns, famous and beautiful author of British extraction, currently working at a New York university as opposed to her usual New England haunt.

Best thing eaten: pan con tomate at Bar Jamon. Also good: a new chickpea salad I improvised.

Sad times: 1

The rest: family troubles (2 kinds); mouse trouble; didn't finish any books and watched several episodes of "The Thorn Birds" on YouTube; cleaned pantry which is good but mouse means must do it again; was better about Twitter; clipped three funny newspaper pps; didn't get out enough; wanted Spring badly but settled for cold and liked it; relatively sociable although still bad; wish I knew how to take better pictures; must phone and write everyone I know; at least a few of them; must stop buying burdock, ramps and other things I won't cook.

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