Sunday, October 5, 2008

On the Town with The Petite Sophisticate

Slim and I went to the Greenpoint Square Dance at the Lutheran Church last night, featuring the Clack Mountain String Band from Kentucky. It was equal parts eccentrics, children, hipsters, oldsters, cider and donuts. Obviously elements of this will be recreated at our Engagement Hoedown.

The caller had to take things kinda slow since nobody knew the calls, and then we just kind of went through single figures repeatedly (not complaining - it was hard) whereas I'm guessing people um, down south, or pre-1950 just know/knew all the calls and the caller can really mix it up. As it is, the older couple in our first set had a lot of trouble with the call, "Lady round the gent and the gent al-so/Lady round the lady and the gent don't go," persistently reversing the "lady" and "gent" positions. Our next set had a non English speaker who sort of screwed up the figure over and over. The kids - all of whom seemed very concerned with keeping the boy-girl partnering intact - were all pretty good. What we lacked in skill, Slim and I made up for (we thought) with zest.

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