Saturday, September 27, 2008

I've been a recluse of late, but this weekend have roused myself to attend two birthday parties; one for a dear old friend who's sort of Michael Cera-like, and the other for one of those rare creatures who manages to be both very fabulous and very nice at the same time. The former was at a bar in South Slope and involved much conversation; the latter was on a rooftop in Bushwick and involved much dancing. I wore a goofy-lookin' outfit tonight but enjoyed myself tremendously.I dread going out to an almost pathological degree, but am beginning to think it's the subconscious knowledge of the energy I invariably expend once I am out. Residual shyness still makes for an adrenaline rush, I guess.

Now, as it's effectively a school night for me, I'm waiting for a Tylenol Simply Sleep to kick in, with a pound-and-a-half-of-cream-upon-my-face.

What's to tell, beyond domestic disturbances, money worries, dreadful family feuds and a general philosphical confusion about certain aspects of life right now?

Well, I made a good risotto tonight.

And, I never cease to be amazed by the variety of experiences Oreo-eating affords. One pack can be divine; the next can have a peculiarly graham-like flavor.

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