Monday, September 29, 2008

I don't much care for...

TV on the Radio.

Am once again between books! Just finished Angelica Garnett's Deceived By Kindness: A Bloomsbury Childhood. Angelica was the daughter of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant, although she believed Clive Bell to be her father until she was 17. Anyway, when she was 18 and very beautiful she was seduced by Duncan's ex, Bunny Garnett, old enough to be her father, and married him. The memoir's full of her unresolved anger at her upbringing, especially the permissive yet remote Vanessa, and the the emotional neglect she feels she suffered.She comes across as very self-absorbed, but the Bloomsbury details are of course interesting, distressing and appealing in equal part and Virginia Woolf comes off as suprisingly warm and fun, rather than arch or overly cerebral.

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