Wednesday, December 19, 2007


"Amy Winehouse was arrested. GHK."

That's from GK4, former fiance.

Last night had dinner with Roger. He was very bitter. Said, 'you look well, but then I suppose an active sex life will do that.'

Persists in claiming he doesn't remember Slim's name, even though it's his own middle name. He also said, 'I believe you know that hirsute Hebrew at the next table.' (I did.) We had a good time.

As re: cold, took a nice bath with a menthol soak last night. Look awful; I am in Cafe Grumpy, but a not anticipating any missed connections unless one of these fellas has an affinity for waxen trolls with rats' rests atop their small heads.

I have managed to post a couple of links, plus my current playlist - although I can't seem to get them just where I want them on the page. Funny old world!

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