Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Not to put too fine a point on it, but sometimes I like to dress theatrically. Usually, in fact. And when I'm on a panel or anything, I think it's particularly important, since it both asserts and distracts from the fact that I'm a fraud.

Every summer (this will be the 3rd) I talk to the Columbia Publishing Course, and for some reason, I have always dressed with particular care for this occasion - maybe because I was in the course myself. The first time, I was coming from work, so was actually pretty staid. Just a jersey wrap-dress and some heels. Except this was in '05, right before the jersey wrap dress was ubiquitous, and for some reason this one had been very hard to find and quite expensive. Leaf green, with gathered shoulders. It was a darling frock, and a perfect canvas for the elaborate many-stranded art jewelry necklace I found at a particularly good yard sale and wore that day.

Then, last year, I wore my little suit. In fact, it was this day:

This year presents a challenge. I am seriously considering this early-40's rose lace dress, with white patent pumps and a Fendi-style pompadour. Too much? Should I do the suit again?


Jaime said...

I am very pro-costume. I just don't feel very comfortable in front of people unless I am projecting my idea of confidence, which is a slightly fancier version of myself.

I perform a lot in front of people, and when I'm not in character, I'm in some version of costume. I prefer to be overdressed, and comfortable with it, than underdressed and not.

In short, wear the dress!

Lisa said...

That's a darling suit. The dress sounds adorable too though.

Marion said...

The Pompadour hair style would be very classy with the suit but it sounds like the dress would make you look more ethereal which is much needed during summer.

maria said...

i think it would be more fun to wear something different every year.

not that your audience would be able to tell, either way, but still.