Monday, January 4, 2010

Sadder But Wiser Girl

Happy New Year!

Slim and I have been spending some time in the car lately and as a result had a chance to listen to a book on tape. (A book on tape, I might add, that I bought my grandfather but that, like most presents, he quite openly didn't want and promptly returned to me. My gain!) It's The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters, and it's superb. I imagine the book is too, but this is one of the best readers I've ever encountered. You know I'm a sucker for even faintly gothic tales of the British persuasion, but I'm rarely so completely satisfied. Anyway, it's a terrific story, beautifully told, and I'd recommend it to anyone who's looking to start the year with a really good read. Or listen, for that matter.

Resolutions: per usual, learning to drive. Also cleanliness and kindness and follow-through and a host of dull specifics. Enjoy every moment, of course, but not in a selfish, aging-boomer-finding-himself sort of way. Oh, and maybe get married while I'm at it. At the very least, get around to throwing an engagement party. Change my IDs so people don't read my email and send me creepy notes. Yes, that'd be good.

The girl at the wine store told me she's "involved with the S&M community." Kind of don't want to go back, but there's no other vinter's and besides, she gave me a really good steer on a "good-value red" to go with stew.


Bonnie said...

Is this the real you?

I find myself reading with suspicion, and thinking, "well, this is a pretty fair Sadie imitation..."

Sadie Stein Blog said...

Ha! What was creepier, is that means email access too...but Music Man references are usually a good proof of authenticity!