Friday, May 8, 2009

Notes: let's not forget to address issues of sex & experience. Also: YSL, Lagerfeld and the willful pursuit of narcissism via tea leaves. It's quite possible I'll change my mind about discussing any of it and there's Nyquil at work here.

Against the clock/barbiturates: yesterday I said to my dad re: my brother/life goals or lack thereof, that it's not strictly speaking necessary to have a specific ambition nowadays as it was previously understood. Due (in terms he'd cotton to) to some collision of California, Warhol, and the Conventional Specialness that was a boomer special, parenting-wise.

Good night.


Bonnie said...

You are SO HIGH.

Sadie said...

Oh wow, yeah.

Bonnie said...

Truly a classic in the genre of Nyquil-induced literature. Please do not ever delete.