Monday, February 2, 2009


We are moved! No thanks to me: due to my flu and a recent bout of madness, all moving was handled by Slim and some guy straight from North Carolina, which maybe explains why he agreed to be paid off with Francis Starlite tickets and an economics lesson from Slim instead of money.

We're on the second floor of the brownstone. The landlords occupy the first floor and garden apt, although at present just the basement. So the front entrance is all ours and you enter right off the stairs. The place itself is off of a narrow hall (as is typical of buildings of this vintage): two large rooms connected by a little cupboard-lined "dressing room," a small study off of one of them, and then a kitchen at the end. It's sort of hard to explain: just think "railroad," but with a hall running parallel to the chain of rooms, so you can enter them individually.

We had a bit of debate about which room to make bedroom and which living room (they're both large with similar layout and fireplace.) I was for the front room; Slim said he felt that room had a creepy vibe. Since, at that moment, the sliding door between the two slammed shut of its own accord, I gave him his way! As regards ghostly activity, it feels very peaceful to me, but we did take the precaution of addressing anyone who might be there; just said hi and asked permission to move in. We felt a little silly, but better safe than sorry!

The neighborhood is pretty quiet; I've been given strict instructions about walking alone after dark, but last night we did venture out to a nearby Popeye's for dinner. I lost Slim along the way and found him buying bootleg videos from a toothless guy who later joined us at dinner and commandeered the bulk of the chicken. He also snatched my biscuit without asking. I heard a little boy go up to him and mutter reluctantly that his mother was making him switch his copy of "My Bloody Valentine" for "Bride Wars."

Ooh! A reader just sent me a book called "The Teashop Girls!"

As we don't have internet yet, I commuted to the office today. I visited the Dunkin Donuts, as is the commuter's prerogative, but was disappointed to find that the train's already full by the time it reaches my stop and everyone's traveling to the same spot I am: I had visions of sitting pretty when we rolled into Williamsburg and getting a bit of reading done while hipsters had to stand. Serves me right. The office is very nice, but as there are a lot of people who work here every day, there's a bit of a 'new kid in the cafeteria' feel to it, and sure enough, I took someone's seat! Mortifying!

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Teashop Girl said...

I'm so glad you got The Teashop Girls and gave it a read, Sadie. I was thrilled to receive your note in the mail. Yay!