Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Bread-Stuy has the best Red Velvet Cake I have ever tasted. Yes, better than Cake Man Raven! I had thought that, since I've been working here pretty regularly, I'd better limit myself to one slice per week. But then when the lovely barista told me that she and her coworker split one slice per month, I was duly ashamed of my gluttony.

Speaking of gluttony, I made a very good dinner last night if I do say so myself: leeks vinaigrette, then pork braised with wine, prunes and cream served over noodles; pears roasted with butter and brown sugar. Good! We did a bit of a singalaong - Slim has been playing a lot since we moved - then he had to go out for a meeting with Adrien Moonlight so I had a cozy evening of reading. I'm rereading War and Peace since I skimmed a lot of the war first time around. Much better. Well, there was one brief freak-out when Slim couldn't find his belt and we were tearing the place apart and I sort of had an overload. But overall, much more my old self! I even agreed to go out to dinner with a bunch of fashion-y strangers, all of whom, women included were over six feet. They weren't terribly interested in hearing about the Depression-era films Slim and I had just seen at the Film Forum (even though one was by Capra starring Walter Huston! And the other had a young Spencer Tracy!) but it was quite all right. In general, less starkers by the day.

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