Thursday, December 4, 2008

On the Town

We had the BEST dinner last night: Marie had us over and made a recipe of her great-grandmother's for the first time: a chicken flambeed in cognac! She served it over a piece of toast rubbed with a bit of liver pate; it was delicious. We also had roasted potatoes and haricots verts, and a perfect tarte tatin.

Luckily, given the work-related stuff, this has been a week full of friends; Monday Sylvia and I went to see a Carole Lombard triple-feature (although we only made it through two.) The first (cockamamie but enjoyable) was about a family of dizzy rich folks in which the son falls for a showgirl (Carole Lombard) and the daughter for a mechanic. Hilarity, mistaken identities, stiff British stock characters and various ruses later, all is resolved to everyone's satisfaction. The second was merely cockamamie: a soap king pays his secretary (Carole Lombard) to get his son to fall in love with her so he'll get some ambition. Slapstick, con artists, farce and absurdity ensues. As regards the Film Forum, I've never thought the card by concessions saying "'I love this banana bread!'-Jacques Derrida" was a very convincing testimonial. Many things he may have known, but banana bread? "Well, maybe he'd never had it before," reasoned kind Sylvia. (In fairness, it's pretty decent - maybe a 5.5/6? Did I tell you'd I'd maybe found my own keeper recipe?It's made with vegetable oil! Shocking!)

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