Friday, December 5, 2008

I just have to share my excitement about something tiny. This morning I found I was OUT OF COFFEE. I'm not a caffeine junkie as such, but we start early, so it's a definite necessity. We DID have some whole beans which a friend of Slim's (who has a free-trade coffee initiative starting up in Ethiopia, trying to get their coffee market up and running) brought us almost a year ago. I've never remembered to get a cheap grinder, so I tried a mortar and pestle but it wasn't working very well. Then I remembered that, like you do, I have a 19th century German coffee grinder on top of the fridge. (I took this when my folks were cleaning out their attic. It's an ancient porcelain wall-mounted contraption, and since it felt a bit Country Store to just have it up decoratively, I've never hung it.) Well, it worked just fine! A workout, sure, but I see no reason not to hang this and put it into use. May fall apart - and you can't actually wash the grinding chamber, which means the risk of rancid grinds is high, but this was a good cup of joe!

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