Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"I think fur softens the face, don't you?"

Cold, cold day here! I wore my beautiful new coat to Economy Candy to get the stuff for my fruitcake and although they had 1/2 pound minimum I managed to walk away (mixed fruits, raisins, sultanas, currants, citron and cherries) for under $10! Our pleasures are small...and what I'll do with the extra 6 oz. of citron is anyone's guess.

Someone asked me to pose for "Vogue Korea" - some gal on the street thing, obviously the coat - but of course then I realized afterwards that I had ink all over my nose. I also had ink on my nose the one time I actually spoke to Baby Dayliner (who, yes, was obviously my pick for the blog's hot list today.)

On the subway home (a young woman was thumbing through a 1950s book called Can Our Cities Survive?) I found myself sharing a pole with a couple, both of whom seemed to be out of work writers, one a sportswriter. They were talking about whether starting blogs might be a good idea.

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