Friday, July 6, 2007

So, the fridge is broken. The light works, but it's really warm and everything's gone off and smells horrible
(it's hot here.) I'm stuck here until 5 waiting for a repairman, which I always secretly enjoy anyway.

I'm supposed to get a drink with some girlfriends at 4, pending repairman's arrival. Don't know if I have the nerve for girl-power yet, though. Besides, what if he and his poor new girlfriend are around? (There are a limited number of options around here; but then, maybe she lives in a different neighborhood and he's giving me a wide berth. That would be much better.)

(Oh dear, just realized I'm listening to "Alone Again (Naturally)", quite unintentionally, I assure you. )

My dear married friends arrive this evening; I'll try to pull myself out of my slump before they do! Bought flowers and cleaned etc. Found scrubbing the batthub very cathartic, even though it's kind of permanently stained and never exactly glows. I thought we could get a pizza at Lucali and then maybe walk the promenade. Charlie may join; he's been very attentive as there's some concern I may throw myself off the nearest bridge (Brooklyn), which is my preferred method of auto-offing. Well, at least the refrigerator repairman's keeping me alive until five.

Here is what I am wearing:
-royal blue jersey sundress patterned with white birds, given to me when a hole was discovered.
-light brown espadrilled, bought in the sale (have to pay for 'em, forgot when I learned about the new girlfriend and left the store early)
-little gold airplane-charm necklace, which I usually avoid as the girl from One Girl Cookies also wears it, even if she is very nice and has promised to bring me a "naked Sadie" butter cookie without any coconut on the top.

Here is what I ate today:
-iced coffee (they were out of the coffee ice cube but I explained that I didn't mind for reasons stated here before)
-one of those square jelly donuts from the Doughnut Plant, made with apricot jam today!

Get this: I'd been smoking a little bit from stress, but when I wen to my bag I disocvered that while I was at home my mother seems to have confiscated the Camels from my purse and replaced them with a pack of candy cigarettes. Well played, madam.

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