Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Apologies for the continuing heat. Against my better judgment, I got bored last night and did the Can-Can.

(Also, watched Bridge to Terabithia - not my first choice, but the only thing that would upload from tv-links, albeit with Chinese subtitles. Disappointing! Didn't feel at all like the book and was marred by forgettable pop music over all the montages. Also, the Leslie looked completely wrong.)

Man alive, it's hot. As is usual in such cases, it's the humidity that really does you in. Impossible to move above a crawl, and unpleasant to touch even the fur of the green rabbit's foot on my keychain. Sometimes heatwaves have a Gershwin soundtrack, but this one doesn't have the energy.

Last night, I wrote a strongly-worded and probably ill-advised email to my ex-boyfriend, going on about not learning from his mistakes or something. Of course I regretted it this morning, but was still annoyed when he sent me the seemingly irrelevant text message, "Post has good headline today." I was all set to berate him about his avoidance of issues, but it turned out he hadn't gotten the email at all, and we had a good talk about the new Australian meat pie place in the neighborhood. Think I'll make him a Mahler mix CD.

The Post did have a good cover. I made it out of the house about ten and walked to the place on Court Street because I know they make their iced coffee with an oversized coffee ice cube, which actually makes the coffee too strong if, like me, you take milk, but is still the sort of extra effort I appreciate. I drank it in the park with my Post and about melted. Then I dropped off my favorite pair of Deener high-waists to be made into shorts as they have a big hole in the knee, and I don't, obviously, have a sewing machine in my sublet.

While out, saw on Henry an advert for an upcoming stoop sale, featuring an illustration of a smirking man wearing a checked cap, smoking a briar pipe, and leading a fey French poodle on a leash. Will certainly go.

I am now working in the apt., but am, obviously, taking a break to write this, as it's certainly breaking news.

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